Camera Strap

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Camera Strap

Small batch & ready to ship!

Our Camera Strap is made with actual Vintage cotton trims sewn onto new stock heavy cotton webbing with nylon webbing attachment straps.

Since the vintage trim is actually vintage that means that it won't last forever, and will continue to break down and show wear.
But hey, that's apart of the charm of working with vintage materials!
The oldest trim is the Blue colorway, and will show wear the quickest with the Pink and Rust being newer stock. The trims vary in age from 20-30+ years old.

The Camera Strap isn't super fancy, just simple and very comfortable. It is one size made to use over the neck, cross body, over the shoulder or whichever way is most comfortable. Installing your strap it is recommended to feed the nylon webbing back through with a tail of at least 1.25", and you'll need connections larger than 3/8" to fit the webbing or have jump rings on your camera.

No guarantee that a particular colorway can come back, these trims are hard to find!

Tech Specs

• 44"l x 1"w
• Heavy cotton webbing in Black
• Black Polyester thread
• Black Nylon webbing
• Vintage trim in either Rust, Pink, Blue
• Tri-glide and webbing keeper hardware included