Sweet Leaf Pouch

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Sweet Leaf Pouch

The Sweet Leaf Pouch is a robust pouch made with 1000D Real Bud Camo, and lined with a bright orange nylon fabric. Just like with all the Jersey Pouches it includes a little pocket to help sort out your stash, but there's a new little surprise inside.

There is a Poker, that used to be a Spoke, that hides away until you're ready to use it. You can either use the Spoke Poker while attached, or you can pull back the corner and unhitch it to use freely in your hands.

*EBW is not liable for misuse of the Spoke Poker & not suitable for children

Tech Specs

• 1000D Real Bud Camo
• Bright Orange nylon liner
• Water resistant YKK zipper
• Web loop
• Inner pocket
• Spoke Poker
• Listing is for one Sweet Leaf Pouch
• Contents not included aside from Spoke Poker
• 7" w x 4" t