One afternoon while out rambling in Irving I came across a posted information sign mentioning the Iron Bridge at Eagle Ford Crossing. Apparently this bridge was used by The Bonnie & Clyde (and the rest of the Barrow Gang) to evade Dallas Police into Irving.
It seemed appropriate to grab a film photo of some of the crumbling ruins, and I just so happened to have some Black and White stock loaded up. Even better.



It was one of those Spring afternoons that was unseasonably hot, and of course after a few days of heavy rain. The air was thick from intense humidity, and puddles dotted along the Campion Trail with some sections totally under water. After riding through the trail turned water crossing, my bike, and my person, was soaked from the splashing water. It was nearing a time for a break. Along the ride I happened across a Cricket game that was underway, so I watched for a bit to have a rest in the well appreciated shade and to dry off my drenched saddle.



After a time my ramble was coming to an end, and I was starting heading back to my starting point. I took a quick look over my shoulder and spotted a cycling group coming up quick. My tires screeched to a stop, I hopped off trail to the side, and with luck I was able to snap a frame of the group. It was a good ride.




April 12, 2022 — J Ybarra

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