Ramble Rouser Cycle Club


So who are we? What are we? Why are we?

We’re Jay from @ellumbagworks, and Albert from @ellumstudios. Really we’re a just a couple of bike nerds.

So Ramble Rouser Cycle Club is just that, a club of sorts. We have the hopes to do rides, have #coffeeoutside, maybe go camping, generally hang out with good bike folks. While we’re located in Dallas, the club is open to everyone regardless of location. It’s open to any race, gender, orientation, religion, anyone. Just be cool, and you’re in, if you want to be. We’re using the hashtag #ramblerouser so we can keep track of all you riders out there. So if you’d like you can tag us, and throw that hashtag on photos on IG.

This whole idea for this cycle club is to bring the misfits of the cycling community together to ramble around on bikes. We don’t race, hell we don’t even ride that fast. You don’t have to have any particular bike, but some times there might be gravel. Or maybe a lot, dunno yet. There is already talks of light traveling to meet at different trail systems around north Texas, so there’s that too.

Let’s Pack up & roll out. 🤙

Ramble On!

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