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Cycling Gear, Handmade in Dallas, Texas.

Brainwash Bandana

$ 19.99

Not your standard bandana.

Perfect clothing item, or useful tool for your everyday carry.

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Not your standard bandana.

Our Brainwash bandana is a 100% cotton fabric with some weight behind it to outlast every bike adventure you’ll take it on. With the heavier weight, it makes a perfect cold weather neckerchief to keep your face from feeling like it’s about to freeze off. Come summer you can soak it in water and roll it to keep your neck cool, it will be useful every season.

It’s not just clothing, it’s also a necessary tool! Use your Brainwash Bandana to clean off your hands if your chain jumps, or as a camp towel when you stop for some outside coffee. It will keep you from using disposable paper towels with this versatile square of cloth, and allow you to leave a smaller footprint. Don’t forget to leave spaces better than when you found them!


Tech Specs:
• Cotton Fabric
• Black Polyester Thread
• 21″ x 21″
• Always made in the USA

Weight2 oz


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