How to wash EBW Cycling Caps

When it’s time to wash the well earned patina off your loved Cycling caps, hand washing is always best to get them squeaky clean.

Always use cool water to fill up a sink basin, add some laundry detergent, and swirl it around with your hands. When your water is plenty sudsy, toss in your Cycling caps, agitate, scrub, and squish the body of the caps. The target spots will be the front panel, along the tape, and base of the bill to scrub loose dirt and salt. I don’t recommend to ball up, or fold the soft bill during washing so it remains flatter after washing.¬†Once your washing liquid is thouroughly filthy, it’s time to drain and move to the rinse cycle.

Give your Cycling caps a quick rinse with running water to remove any suds, and fill your sink back up. Repeat the previous method of agitating the caps, and drain again. Squeeze the body of the caps, avoiding the bill, to remove most of the water left in the fabric. Lay out your caps flat on a thick towel, fold over the towel, then press as hard as possible with the heel of your hands to press out all the remaining water. Afterwards, luft the Cycling caps, and let them air dry. Once dry, and your cap is a soft bill, you can run a warm iron over the bill to help flatten it out more.

Okay, so that’s the recommended way. In reality, you won’t clean your caps that way. Since our Cycling caps are built to last, you can throw them in the washer and dryer. You might experience a little bit of shrinkage, and a wonky bill, but they’ll be clean.

*Pro tip: For light colored fabric caps with sweat stains, try using some shampoo to remove the discoloration. It actually works!

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